Think of the home buying process as a movie. The scene opens with a potential buyer walking through the door of your home. In that one moment, you have their full attention, and what they see will either keep them watching, or close the door.

If they keep watching, and walk through the rest of the home, you have to keep them interested. Pepper in “wow moments” to keep the buyer reacting (in a positive way) to things unexpected.

Wow moments can take many forms; they can be visual, tactile, and/or audible. Buyers are seeing tons of houses, often in the same day. Your goal is to create lasting memories through these wow moments. To do this, your house cannot look like the ten other houses they look at that day; you must set yourself apart.

You always need to be searching for new things. This can be the fun part.

Barn doors used to create wow moments, in 2015, until everyone started using them (and sometimes in inappropriate situations). They became commonplaces. For now, pot fillers still give people a wow moment, showing them they could do something in this house that you can’t do in others they are looking at. People remember that.

When making a buying decision, people become emotionally attached to the things that make the wow moments.

“But that other house doesn’t have heated towel racks in the bathroom honey”

Sometimes a $100 item can make you a $400,000 sale. This is what wow moments can do.

Conversely, if the buyer has a negative experience in the house, they will remember that as well, and often far better than the positives. So a negative moment will undo multiple positive wow moments in, well, a moment. Anything that doesn’t work in the house will break the spell. A door that doesn’t close right. A light switch that does nothing. All of the confusion casts seeds of doubt in the buyer’s mind.

“Was that the house where the bathroom light switch was outside of the door?”

The trick is to never let the spell get broken.

Walk through your house with a friend (or better, an unbiased third party) prior to the sale and “field test” it like someone at an open house would experience. Open every door, try every switch to get the full power of the WOW.