West Grace Street Triplex

Purchased in 2012, this maintenance deferred triplex needed some key issues addressed immediately after closing (HVAC, roof, pest control). As units turned over, each apartment was renovated to attain top of the market rents. With the updated kitchens and bathrooms we have been able to raise rents 30% from when we bought it.

Scope of Work

  • New / upgraded kitchens with new cabinets, new tile, and granite countertops
  • New / upgraded bathrooms with new tile and fixtures
  • Complete renovation of 2-level exterior rear porch
  • Interior painting of all units
  • Designer light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Buffed hardwood floors
  • New air conditioning systems (3) for high efficiency
  • Updated boiler system for higher efficiency and better radiant heat
  • Added off street parking space