This has been a big summer for Piperbear as both of us are now fully dedicated members.

First of all, we have a new website courtesy of skilled web-artist Connor Riley. We were not able to showcase our rental projects until now – many thanks to the talented Sara Eastman Weidner, we now have photos of those property renovations in addition to our other projects. You can see them HERE.

Secondly, Piperbear has always been Greg and Nicole since the beginning. What’s changed over the years is the amount of time we each have been able to give to the business. Until last year, the Piperbear ship was more captained by Nicole than Greg. In the last year, as Nicole returned to the legal world as an attorney at KaneJeffries, Greg has been at the helm utilizing a combination of Capital One process management tools, and skills he learned during his year at Dodson Property Management.

The big change began in the Spring when we were introduced to Jason Savedoff of RVA Advisors through One South realtor Ann Schweitzer, who is behind RVA-Spaces. With Jason’s help, we have transitioned our business model to allow Nicole to focus full time on all of the design aspects of our renovation projects and wear the “hard hat” on site. This frees Greg up to focus to social media management and business development for Piperbear, as well as his new drone innovation company (Cirrus Studios). Greg is also excited to join the One South Realty Group and be part of their strong development community, which provides support for Piperbear’s renovation work.

One thing we love about Richmond is that it’s a town where relationships matter. Combining our Piperbear circle with others creates unique opportunities and conversations that are leading to new project ideas. We’re excited for the next year.

Stay tuned…