Who We Are

We are problem solvers.

We seek out properties with opportunity – we take the unusable, the obsolete, the damaged – and we restore function and beauty.

We are creative minded.

We see renovation as a form of art. Our designs are an extension of our personality. We design each space with the function and character that we would want in our own home.

We respect each house and its history.

We are incredibly passionate about the revitalization of Richmond City and its architecture – and consider ourselves fortunate to have opportunities to contribute to the preservation of historic structures. We believe that real estate and renovation are huge to the ongoing growth of the City, and we want to provide high end, historic renovations that maintain the history of the structure while adding modern conveniences to allow these homes and neighborhoods to continue standing for the generations to come.

Our Team

Nicole Montalto
Nicole Montalto

Nicole brings the designer's eye to Piperbear. She sees the potential in each property, and ensures each project balances flair and function. As part of the design oversight, Nicole also manages budgeting and scheduling of all Piperbear large scale renovations. She is also an accomplished artist and provides interior design service for Piperbear and other local developers. You can view her artwork at nicolealexismones.com.

Greg Montalto
Greg Montalto

Greg is a licensed realtor with property management experience gained from managing over 160 single family homes, multifamily, and small apartment complexes for a Richmond based property management company. He is also a seasoned marketer with over a decade of experience in direct mail, online, and e-mail. As a certified staging professional, Greg coordinates the marketing and photography for Piperbear renovation listings.

Piperbear Properties, has been actively managing the real estate in Richmond since 2012. All of their properties are in Class A areas and fully leased with strong (high income/credit score) tenants. Piperbear has budgeted, planned and provided project management oversight and design on large scale renovation projects for the last six years. These renovations include floor plan changes, additions, garages, updated and new kitchens and bathrooms, whole house system updates, exterior modifications and landscape design. Piperbear collaborates with a solid team of tradesmen on each renovation to ensure each house gets their full attention. Piperbear utilizes property management software to allow tenants to pay and make maintenance requests online and provide full accounting reports on the performance of each property.

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