Constellation Series

Growing up far from city lights allowed me to familiarize myself with the skies of different seasons.  I'd spend hours outside at night finding pictures in the sky.  My passion for stars entered my art in 1997 when I found an old star chart that mapped out the constellations of the night sky.  Each painted constellation reflects the map's depiction of that formation of stars.  I am especially inspired to paint the astrological constellations that coincide with the months of the year.
     Commissioned Constellation pieces are popular for birthdays, baby gifts, and nursery décor.  The recipient can choose the color scheme and size of the canvas, but the constellation painted is determined by the astrological sign of the celebrated event.

Taurus  (2010)
40x40, Acrylic on Canvas
Aries  (2010)
36x36, Acrylic on Canvas
Cancer  (2010)
16x20, Acrylic on Canvas
Libra  (2008)
36x36, Acrylic & Glass on Canvas
Pisces  (1998)
36x36, Oil on Canvas
Sagittarius  (2011)
16x20, Acrylic on Canvas
Gemini  (2011)
10" and 22" diameters, Acrylic on Drum Heads

(these are two of nine pieces in a larger installation)

Abstract Works

In the solitude of my tree house studio, I connect with the surrounding nature.  My abstract pieces evolve as my creative voice harmonizes with the sounds I hear and the colors I see.  Each painting is a collaboration of internal and external forces.

Sahara Salty Haze Shipwrecked
Sahara   (2012)
40x30, Oil & Sand on Canvas
Salty Haze   (2011)
24x30, Mixed Media on Canvas
Shipwrecked  (2011)
18x24, Mixed Media on Canvas
Atlantis  (2011)
30x40, Mixed Media on Canvas
Amber  (2011)
16x20, Mixed Media on Canvas
Drift  (2011)
24x24, Mixed Media on Canvas
Shrapnel  (2011)
22x28, Oil, Glass and Resin
on Canvas
Feels Like Red  (2009)
25x25, Oil on Canvas
Zoom  (2008)
22x25, Oil on Canvas
Twilight  (2009)
34x34, Oil on Canvas
Fossils  (2008)
25x25, Oil on Canvas
Concepts in Yellow  (2011)
24x36, Mixed Media on Canvas
Maldives  (2011)
16x20, Acrylic on Canvas
Autumn  (2011)
16x20, Mixed Media on Canvas
Submerged  (2011)
13 x 14 , Acrylic on Board
Camouflage  (2011)
13 x 14 , Acrylic on Board
Tiger Blood  (2008)
36x36, Mixed Media on Canvas
Alas Babylon  (2009)
34x34, Oil on Canvas
Buzz  (2011)
8x10, Mixed Media on Canvas
Afternoon Climb  (2005)
17x37, Acrylic on Canvas
Tortix  (2008)
18x24, Acrylic on Canvas
Capella  (2008)
12x12, Acrylic on Canvas
Revolution  (2008)
18x24, Acrylic on Canvas
Aspens  (2008)
34x34, Acrylic & Tape on Canvas

Land & Seascapes

"Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one's sensations."


Tidal III  (2010)
34x34, Oil on Canvas
Final Night  (2010)
24x36, Mixed Media on Canvas
Tobin's Storm  (2010)
16x20, Mixed Media on Canvas
Bangkok Someday  (2004)
28x28, Mixed Media on Canvas
Boulder Eclipse  (2010)
24x24, Acrylic on Canvas
Jump  (2009)
25x29, Oil on Canvas


Commissioned Pieces

Below are a few samples of commissioned pieces Nicole has created.  In some instances Nicole created works specifically to satisfy a space.  At other times the objective is to suit the client's preferred style or theme.  If you are interested in commissioning an original work of art from Nicole, see the Order Originals page, or contact the artist.

for Colten
for Devon
for Baby Miller
Cancer  (2010)
40x40, Oil on Canvas
for Lindsey
Rosie  (2010)
24x30, Acrylic on Canvas
Styled after Marius Valdes

Animal Portraits

Portrait painting is incredibly difficult for me.  To capture the essence of a living creature with brushstrokes demands intense concentration and flawless execution.  I push myself because this realistic painting makes me a better abstract artist.

Marco  (2011)
18x24, Acrylic on Canvas
Maze  (2011)
16x20, Acrylic on Canvas
Odd  (2012)
30x24, Acrylic on Canvas





"When I am finishing a picture, I hold some God-made object up to it—a rock, a flower, the branch of a tree, or my hand—as a final test.

If the painting stands up beside a thing man cannot make, the painting is authentic.

If there's a clash between the two, it's bad art."



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