O R D E R    O R I G I N A L S

By purchasing an original work, the purchaser owns only the physical creation,
while the artist retains reproduction and copying rights of the image itself.

via Etsy.com

Visit Nicole's Etsy.com SpaceSome of Nicole's original paintings and glass tiles are listed at her Etsy.com Store at fixed prices.  If you are local and make a purchase via Etsy.com, contact the artist immediately after the sale to waive shipping if you intend to pick up the art in person.

Etsy.com is an online marketplace specializing in original arts and handmade goods sold by the artists and makers themselves.

in Person

If you are not able to make a purchase through Etsy.com, you may contact the artist and request she reserve a piece for your review.


Commission a piece that's personal to you.  If there's a place you want to fill with unique art, Nicole can create a one-of-a-kind painting that compliments the space.  If there is a painting you like from this website that is no longer available, or one that you would like in a different size or colors, contact the artist to request your special piece.

See some examples of Nicole's commissioned pieces on the Paintings page.


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